Managing a football team is equally difficult.

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Managing a football team is equally difficult. Big money use buy good players It helps to create an advantage in terms of the strength of the players. but not a guarantee that Will be successful in every cup or every year because many times We saw the Sugar Daddy team. Failure at the end of the season too often.

such as Manchester City or Paris Saint-Germain, who even dominate the greatness of football in the country Neither team has yet reached the European Championships. Which is the ultimate goal of both clubs have conquered.

Because in the end, money is just creating an advantage for the other party. But what every football club in the world has in common is that when they hit the pitch, they can only send 11 players. or the grassroots team Every club has the best players, playing repeatedly, and the pain that can be a nuisance can’t be avoided.

“People can’t believe it. If I would say I can’t build a team where all the players are good. All levels are real. But this is true. I want to have a team where all 22 players on the team can replace each other. But it can’t happen.”

“In the end, we have to compete in four trophies a year, with no more than three days of rest between games if you are going to be champions of all competitions. Skill alone is not enough. You must have luck too. Especially the issue of injury,” Pep Guardiola said in his view that he believed. The billionaire team doesn’t have any advantage over the smaller teams in every aspect.