Having money is equals advantage for football managing

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Having money is equals advantage for football managing. Before going to look at the difficulties of being a billionaire coach The fact that must be accepted is Having a lot of money in hand It’s easy to do anything. Especially to draw good paced players to the team. to snatch the championship according to the goals of the club.

Having money is equals advantage for football managing

“We have a lot of money to buy amazing players. I admit we couldn’t be a great team. Without these talented footballers,” Manchester City ‘s billionaire manager Pep Guardiola admits that if there is no money, winning the football world title. it’s not easy.

Spending a lot of money to buy players. It’s like racing with a good engine. and more budget than competitors. If there is a problem Able to find spare parts to repair, replace or develop new parts quickly. Help the team to keep moving forward without fear of getting stuck in the middle of the road.

Pep Guardiola and Manchester City are good examples of The manager who spends money to create success for the team. 

Since the top Spanish coach came to be the boss of the Blues. He has raked in more than £700m. That bringing in big names such as Riyad Mahrez, Ilkay Gundogan, Rodri, Bernardo Silva, Leroy Sane, Gabriel Jesus and A. Derson joins the team. Until making it from the 2017-18 season onwards until now. The Navy Blues must have a championship in hand every year, only in the 2016-17 season when they came to manage the team in the first season only. Which Guardiola was unable to conjure up a championship.

Pep Guardiola’s life in charge of Manchester City is not without problems. Especially the position of the defender who play badly to become the weak point of the team and took the blue team from Manchester Often. It does not reach the land of dreams.

However, the advantage of having a large amount of capital Is even if Guardiola used the money to buy a defender. The fake players have done the same many times. Finally, the team can buy a new front line. to replace the old one that failed anyway because there is a large budget to support.