Enrique answered Why don’t you like Thiago in Euro 2020

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Enrique answered the media after being asked. Why don’t you like Thiago in Euro 2020. Luis Enrique, Spanish national team manager. It was revealed that Why he does not like to use world-class midfielder Thiago Alcantara from Liverpool in the Euro 2020 football battle. Because so far. The Reds star has only played as a substitute in 3 games with only a combined time 50 minutes only.

Thiago in Euro 2020

“I don’t know what other people will think. But for me. Thiago Alcantara is truly one of the greatest footballers in the world of football,” he said.

“Everyone who has been following football games knows how high the quality of Thiago’s performance is. But one thing that must not be completely forgotten is This Spanish national team is really strong and has a lot of great players.

“I did my best to give Thiago a chance to get in the game like everyone else, it was an equal decision without any bias, according to the rumours.”

“At the same time, having an experienced player like Thiago in the squad has helped us immensely. Discussed with his role in the camp this time to the fullest. at this point outsiders may not see.”