Chelsea target Moreno if Haaland misses

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Chelsea target Moreno if Haaland misses. Chelsea grabbed the attention Gate Gerard Moreno’s Villarreal Villarreal to close the deal Lower Darling Harbor Island is a movement of Chelsea team in the battle with his wife. The English league aims to continue to strengthen the army in the new season. He is Ready to involve with many famous players.

Latest foreign news agencies reported that Chelsea are interested in grabbing Gerard Moreno. The 29-year-old attacker of Villarreal, who is a request from Tho. Manager Mas Tuchel.

Headed by Gerard Moreno last season, has been in excellent form under former Arsenal boss Unai Emery. With 30 goals and 11 assists in the Premier League . All items are ready to lead Villarreal to defeat Manchester United to win the UEFA Europa League 2020/21.

It also report that the good between Gerard Moreno and Chelsea will only come. If Chelsea miss out on Borussia Dortmund’s Erling Haaland.