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Facts about drinking fruit juices.

For those who do not like eating vegetables and fruits, drinking vegetable and fruit juices may help you get some vitamins and minerals instead, especially vitamin C.  However, eating the whole fruit provides more benefits because fruit juice has less nutritional value than the flesh of the

Benefits of drinking water.

Water is an important factor for internal bodily processes. Such as flushing toxins out of organs or transporting nutrients and oxygen to cells. As well as other benefits as follows: How much water should you drink per day? Every day, the body loses water through

Preventing constipation.

Constipation is a symptom of having fewer bowel movements than normal or not having a bowel movement for a long time. The normal bowel movement behavior and frequency of bowel movements of each person are different body. Constipation problems can be easily prevented by yourself as

Health Benefits of Apples.

Apples are another fruit that people like to eat because in addition to being delicious. They are also rich in nutrients that are beneficial to the body in many ways Eating apples has several health benefits, including:UFABET   1. Antioxidants Apples contain polyphenols and flavonoids which