Robin Gosens has opened up after being linked with a move to Barcelona

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Gosens opened his mind for the first time.  Robin Gosens has opened up for the first time after being linked with a move to Barcelona. Because of his explosive form with Germany that caught his eye at Euro 2020.

“As for my future, there really is nothing more to say than just wait and see. I’m on vacation after Euro 2020 so I’m telling my dad and the people around me not to talk about football,” Gosens told Sport1.

“In a moment, I will go back to my home in Germany. Then sit down and talk to your father about what needs to be done after this. And what should be done with the future? if something changes must happen.”

“As I said I didn’t know about the rumours about Barcelona, ​​that’s all true. I didn’t lie at all because I wasn’t eliminated yet. In my head I was really only thinking about Germany’s competition at the Euros.”

“Okay, what will happen after this, I don’t know. Eaaepenwea wait to follow the news and so on if there is progress. I’ll be the one to announce it to you.”