Mourinho has pointed out that Bruno is still out of form with Portugal

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Roma manager Jose Mourinho has bluntly pointed out that Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes has not impressed with Portugal in Euro 2020.

Mourinho has pointed out that Bruno is still out of form with Portugal

“I dare to say that at the moment Portugal is strong enough to beat every other team in the world. But to do that we have to play well with all 11 players on the pitch,” The Special One told talkSPORT.

“What I want to say is that Portugal is doing well. Unfortunately, the laptop is Bruno Fernandes’s hardly contribute anything to the team throughout the second match of the Euro, “said

,” He’s down in the yard with friends, but silence like. have played too So I hope Bruno can bring out a good performance against France tonight.”

“Everyone knows that Bruno is a footballer with great potential. He can easily propel the team to success. He passes the ball accurately, he scores sharp goals, he takes penalties well from opponents, he takes strong penalties, he takes effective free-kicks. But to be honest, the last two matches were nothing.”

“What the whole world sees in common is the front three, Bernardo Silva, Cristiano Ronaldo. , Diogo Jota played very well together, outstanding, the rest is just waiting for Bruno Fernandes to join in from the middle for another one. But as I said He really had little to do with his friends.”