Keown suggested that ‘Ta’ use Bukayo Saka to deter the left-back.

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Arsenal legend Martin Keown believes Bukayo Saka is better suited to fend off left-back during Kieran Tierney’s injury rather than substitute Nou. No Tavares and Granit Chaka

Tierney is likely to miss out on the rest of the season. After a knee injury and Tavares the 22 year-old is expected to be offered a replacement.

Tavares, however, had a dreadful form in Arsenal’s 3-0 thrashing of Crystal Palace on Monday night, with fans questioning his ability to substitute.

Keown thinks Mikel Arteta should overlook UFABET Tavares and opt for Saka in that position.

“Well, he (Tavares) is probably not good enough, your boy was substituted after 25 minutes against (Nottingham) Forest,” Keown said.

“I’ve never seen (Arsene) Wenger do that before. He will wait until the second half. This week he was substituted at halftime.”

“We (Arsenal) have to find a solution at left-back, I would love to see Saka at left-back, I know it’s a bit extreme. But I would like to see that more than [Granit] Shaka.”

“It’s about your best starting XI, I think Bukayo Saka can still create a danger from the position at left-back, (Nicolas) Pepe could go on the right and (Gabriel) Mar. Tinelli is on the left. If you have a problem with the player until the error occurs there. You can’t let him (Tavares) play.”

“But I don’t think Xhaka is the answer. They will form a team to take advantage of that weakness. Sooner or later Xhaka will have to leave the field and Arsenal have 10 men again for Saka. Play over there.”