Fabio Regina will do everything to keep Harry Caine

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 Fabio Regina will do everything to keep Harry Caine. Director of Sports of the Tottenham Hot Spurs confirmed that the firm will do everything to brace himself Harry Caine. A football club in the next chicken. Even though he wants to move out in pursuit of bigger success.

Fabio Regina will do everything to keep Harry Caine

“Brace yourself, Harry Kane gave Tottenham the following is not a goal for me as a director only. But this is what every club and supporter wants most,” Paratici told Sky Sports.

“I was fortunate to have worked with world football’s lot since I was a director of the club Juventus, and now with Tottenham Hotspur have Harry Caine, which I enjoyed. So much to have a good time with him.”

“You don’t have to tell me you know I don’t want to see Kane packing up and leaving the club no matter the season. He is one of the best strikers in the modern world. So we can’t find a replacement anymore.”

“Aside from his razor-sharp finishing skills, Kane also has a tall and strong physique. but back to being agile Shoot goals in every move, style, both feet. And it doesn’t take a lot of rhythm, the most important thing is that in the last two years he has developed himself to become a great assist.”