De Laurentiis teases ‘Sarri’ for resigning like a loser

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Aurelio De Laurentiis, president of Napoli, expressed his surprise at Maurizio Sarri, his former coach. Act like a loser. By requesting to resign from Lazio, a Serie A rival,

last Tuesday, Sarri submitted a white envelope requesting to leave Lazio with immediate effect. Meanwhile, De Laurentiis watched his team. ทางเข้า https://ufabet999.appDefeated by Barcelona 3-1, eliminated from the Champions League, was asked about his feelings while giving an interview.

“I am very surprised that Sarri asked to resign because when accepting any job as a professional, You have to keep working on it until the end. With respect to the club and fans,” the 74-year-old veteran executive began to say.

“I would like to resign from my position first. is way too easy And whoever does that They’re the losers… I don’t know what problems they have, but Claudio Lotito (Lazio president) is not a impatient person. “

The truth is Lotito is committed to developing the club. And there should be a solution where the coach doesn’t abandon the team at the end of the season.”

Midweek results Causing the former champion Scudetto to prepare to end the season without a trophy. The rest of the time they have to move up from seventh place in the league to go to European football and the future of Francesco Calzona, the current head coach, is still unclear. “I have known

Calzona for many years, he is someone I can rely on. always And that’s why we have to rely on him in what has been a complicated year,” De Laurentiis responded to a question.

“When you win the championship Repeating is always difficult. But playing on the European stage is an important achievement for us as well.” “

I don’t look back to the past… Maybe I should hold on to Spalletti, but in the work Everyone must unite as one. Otherwise, we will be in a state where we cannot move forward.”