Danny Mills insists Arsenal do not need to buy second-hand goalkeepers

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Danny Mills insists Arsenal do not need to buy second-hand goalkeepers at huge prices. After news they have made an offer for Sheffield United’s Aaron Ramsdale for a reported £40 million, Sky Sports reports.

The 23-year-old goalkeeper, one of Gareth Southgate’s England squad for Euro 2020, is being targeted. The Gunners in the football market It was reported that The London club are set to make an offer of up to £40 million for The Blade to consider soon.

Mills addressed the matter in surprise, referring to Tom Heaton’s move to Manchester United as an example of finding a defensive goalkeeper without a huge investment.

“Choosing Ramsdale as a substitute goalkeeper is a terrible thing. You can choose a back-up goalkeeper, Tom Heaton, who is a very talented goalkeeper in his 30s. They won’t be happy. But they will understand the role of sitting on the bench. You can find an anal like that without paying that much money. It looks like a big payout for a substitute goalkeeper.”

“Leno is not a bad goalkeeper. It’s not that you want someone to replace him immediately. That made me believe it would work because Arsenal had something else to do in the market. There is something more important than changing their goalkeeper.”